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im wondering if anyone has ever used a centrifuge to clean water?

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The technology that is out there are "drum filters" which are commonly used in the aquaculture world.

there are things called swirl filters, is that what you mean?

Any motorized centrifugal water filter larger than is used for laboratory purposes requires a great deal of operational effort and maintenance. There are huge pieces being used in nearly every water using industry including aquaculture.


I think at this time, smaller passive clarification/filtration devices are more prudent.

Could Clay perhaps be thinking of a hydrocyclone? A type of non-motorized, passive device that uses centripetal or centrifugal force to separate "heavies'?...Yet different in design than a swirl or drum filter?

Even if this is the case, due to their (hydrocyclones) geometric complexities which are dependent on the specific density and weight of what it is your trying to filter out (i.e you cant use a hydrocyclone designed for fine granite particles or iron fines for fish poop successfully), Glenn's, TC's, and Jonathan's suggestions all seem like a better idea...and way simpler. 

I would like to get feed back on this settling tank design. 

My idea is too minimize the currents that keep the particulates suspended and create an area where they will become trapped. Has anyone got a proven design?

Bob, Think it would work. I do tend to like the horizontal tanks with inlet on one end and baffles and outlet on opposite end. Found some good info but cannot find the link now. I made I swirl tank out of an IBC tote. I had planned to make a tapered bottom for easy removal of solids. Went with easy instead and now is a bit harder to siphon the sludge from bottom, takes 5 minutes instead of 1. Does work and I rarely have had to clean sludge.

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