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Does anyone start out with a sump tank in their design, but then think to themselves, hmmnnn... i could put a few fish in there. Maybe the sump tank turns into a bully tank - a separate final growout tank for the bigger bully fish in the main tank. Or maybe turn the sump tank into a fry/fingerling starter tank?

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It happens.  But you have to make sure the water level fluctuation in the sump tank isn't so extreme that the fish would be all stressed out, AND you have to make sure you have enough filtration to support more fish in the system.

I was thinking exactly the same thing other an the continuous buzzing of the water pump. Also when the grow bed drains, there's huge rush of water. Might be unnerving for the little creatures, but they'd sure have great dissolved oxygen to 'breathe.'

In the mini AP unit I recently built, I put a few goldfish in there to eat the food that gets flushed over from the FT. They are doing well. It is amusing to watch the two groups of fish look at each other through the glass.


hehe.  thanks for the suggestions. I forgot about the water fluctuation. I'm still in plan and design mode.

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