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Hello Fellow AP addicts,

Here is my system. I caught the AP bug sometime the end of Sept.
2- 1000L FT
2- 500L ST
6- 300L GB
The system is inside my shop under lights with partial sunlight through overhead doors.
After numerous plumbing "mods"the system has been circulating since Oct. 29.
After a very short fishless cycling process. I've added 30 -6" Brook Trout to one tank and 30 10" Rainbows to the other . This was two weeks ago. Aside from the three suicides I had , to this day I don't know how they got under the net but they did, the rest are very healthy and feed very well .
System seems to handle them as well. Plants are struggling a little and I'm supplementing with Maxicrop plus.
I never thought feeding fish would be such a great meditation!
Anyways, here are a few pics .








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Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Sean

"Here is my system. I caught the AP bug sometime the end of Sept."

Looks like it was a giant bug! You have a very nice system here indeed.

Fish Pics....Who doesn't like Fish Pics ?
Not the easiest to photograph in their dark tanks. 
The Rainbows are about 10 1/2 " and average 230-250 gr

Dude you own a forktruck, That rocks, sweet set up.

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