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We have an aquaponics greenhouse in central Minnesota. We're raising tilapia and are curious how others harvest and/or process their fish? We would like to be able to sell some of the fish at the farmer's markets we attend, and keep some to eat ourselves. In order to sell, without having a processors license, what do we have to do for cleaning, packaging, presenting, etc?

Thanks for the help!

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I've recently done my second harvest and filleting of some of my fish. I've been doing aquaponics for over 4 years but rarely harvest fish. The processing takes more time to me than it's worth. I would guess that if you could somehow sell them live at the farmers market there wouldn't be any need for a license.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your response! I never thought of selling them live. My mind automatically went to the fish having to have something done to them (ie: being bled out), and then be frozen to sell. I'll look into the possibility of selling them live.

Thank you!

Back in my younger years I fished salt water fish and sold them to a fish market where they were just put on ice and not processed in any way. That might be an option. It will be hard to justify the labor involved in cleaning the fish with imported market prices what they are even if you have a superior product. You should still be able to get a premium price for "fresh" organically grown fish.

That sounds like an even better option. I'll start searching for local fish markets and make some calls. Thanks again!

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