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Can you guy's belive this, someone stole my poly tunnel frames!



I had a poly tunnel in storeage untill I could get it setup - needed a permit for putting it up.


In the mean time someone have loaded it on a big truck and stolen it! The only way to transport it as the frames where huge!


What a bummer!



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That's astounding, Pali! Maybe it won't be too hard to find because chances are they don't have a permit for it. And if they are able to get away with it, then a pox on their produce - that's some mighty bad karma to start a garden with!
Yeah I was surpriced too, that someone would go thru the effort of stealing something like that. It have no great value unless you use it for a greenhouse, but I have had no luck finding anything. No one have seen or heard anything odd, like a truck in the middle of the night loading "scrab" metal would sound.

It's deffently bad karma, I hope there crop will wither and die on them!

Thanx for the kind words, just needed to get it out as I was really surpriced when I found out it was gone.

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