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Anyone have experience with these?

The discussion was closed for further posting,  but I just noticed a thread where someone posted about the idea of using the panel to run water through the panel at night to cool the water. What an awesome idea! Might be good for our summers here in Florida.

I have four panels that I got for free and have been trying to figure out how best to hook them up. I thinking that I would just place one of the huge panels a few feet above all the fish tanks and divert the water into the panel before then running back  to the spray bar that runs around the perimeter of all the fish tanks. I was planning to put a ball valve or something to make it adjustable, so that it isn't always running through.

The panels would be best on the roof, but was thinking it wasn't worth the extra pump and plumbing. Does anyone know if one panel would make a difference with approx 4,000 gal of water?

The other idea was to just put a black bag filled with rocks in the sun and place in the tank to add some extra warmth on the few rare cool nights...or a black hose coiled but wanted to make use of what I have.

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