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Here in SE Texas, we have are overrun with copperhead snakes. They are everywhere and I try to always wear boots while in the yard. With a bad heart, I can't afford to get bit.

Has anyone tried diatomaceous earth (DE) as a snake barrier for their AP system or other area with success? I will use the food grade variant of DE when I put together my proof-of-concept AP rig later this summer. I'll place a barrier around my barn too to control cock roaches, carpenter ants and mites. I know there will be plenty of places for the little copperhead blighters to hide in and plenty to attract them to an AP system. Just thinking ahead.


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Just personal preference Will. I really don't like chemicals so was hoping for a more natural solution. I *may* have found one. I was walking through WalMart recently and noticed a big bag of cedar chips -- the kind you put in the bottom of a pet's cage. I understand snake's sensing capabilities are disrupted by cedar oil and it disorients them so they retreat from it. I will try putting a barrier of chips around the perimeter and see if that works. Thanks.

What about getting a pig? lol  They'll kill snakes and they're magical because they turn stuff into bacon.

There is a product called Snake Mole Grub, SMG, that is Texas red cedar oil.  Works great for keeping snakes, moles, and grubs out of any area.

@Paul: Thank you. I'll look into it.

This is the source, mfg. We sell it at growfresh in season.  I bought a gallon a few years back and I really like it, so much that I sell it now, I have the PCO because the 'best yet' was not yet available.  I think the PCO or SMG are what you are after.  It seems pricey but it will last years.  My wife uses it on her horses, we use it on our dogs, and their bedding, around the house, as bug spray... The list goes on.  I use it alternately with ECO Exempt IC2 (which is under a different name now...?) for bug control in the summer.

Dave Durkin said:

@Paul: Thank you. I'll look into it.
@Paul: Holy molly. You weren't kidding. Four bottles of SMG for $600. It would really have to work well since I'd be sleeping in the barn if I bought it.

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