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Now that we are actually "fished" I guess we are officially a system. So here is an "as built" plan as opposed to the original plan that evolved as we were building.

And here is a slide show of the construction over 6 mos.:

And my photo album will bring it up to date. Thanks to everyone for all your insight on AP:-)

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Very cool, Jim. I'd like to see some pics of how that spa fits into the greenhouse. And I love that log cabin style cribbing for the FT's

Thanks Jon, Heading to Maine tomorrow (2 trips:-( to retrieve our boats and that spa is sitting in the big one so I will have it soon. More mass to heat with wood stove:-)

Very cool, love to see more pictures....

Thanks Michael,

Just got off the road. Nearly 5000 miles in one week but I am done moving!!!!! The Cummins Ram made easy work of it. 23 mpg running empty and 21 towing. Amazing. And so are the fuel prices up north. TN is up to .60 cheaper per gallon.

Great to be home and enjoying the wood heat already. Supposed to be a bad Winter here in the Smokys so I will be starting on the GH wood stove/boiler this week and will try to remember to take videos. Hard to remember when I am in such a hurry:-) Now to catch up on over 100 emails:-( You were my first to answer

Now that I have the GH sort of finished it has actually grown again as I pushed the front out before closing it up so here is an updated floor plan:The fish species is still speculative as we presently have 18 healthy cats and only 3 BGs ( the ones without fin fungus as we placed the others in our pond to let Mother Nature cure them) I will be starting on that wood stove very soon given this early cold snap.

Here are some updated pics

Wow, this needs to be updated. It is now almost May 2013 and those brocs to the right are still producing about a meal a week. I would guess we planted them around Aug. 2012 so that makes them 9 mos. old and still producing. The cabbages to the left got huge but are finally pulled up. Here are some more recent pics:

I am intrested in the trout and Castfish. How warm must you keep the water and how well do they breed?


Breeding is whole nuther subject. Keeping them alive and well is about all I ask for for now.

Temps have been 50F to 65F and the trout are thrilled so far. The catfish would like it warmer and have not done well. I will catch wild next time as these came from a farm and overall fish from there have not done well while the trout from a natural stream local farm have done great.

Yeah Jim, trout and catfish in combination where both can thrive holds you to a narrow window of parameters. Namely, low 70's, an abundance of aeration, and careful stability therein. Certainly possible, though. I have some sturgeon and catfish together right now, same story.

It's completely illegal here to remove a living fish from the body of water from which it came. That being said, and equally as illegal, I'd prefer to snag a single spawning male and female, "borrow" and mix the goods in a bowl, and hatch a thousand eggs at home, than I would recommend taking wild fish for personal growout.
Catfish can be spawned in an aquarium, and the fry can take solid food immediately, which is fairly rare in the fish world. I'm doing that process soon, and will document the process.

Jon, I look forward to seeing it, the catfish breeding.  You're inspiring me to get my bluegill hatchery tank going.  

Jim, keep up the good work.  It's fun to watch.  

Oh, very cool. But I've already got a spa in my garage; I just use my fish tank. The fish nibbling on your skin is akin to a deep tissue massage :)

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