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We have a big problem with slugs in this country. I don't have my system up and running yet but when i do it will be in a geodesic dome greenhouse which i hope will stop a lot of the slugs.


I was wondering. Can I feed the slugs to the fish?



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I have tons of slugs in my greenhouse.  ;-)  I feed them to the fish.  Put a dish with some beer in it in your growbeds.  It works fairly well.

I suppose it depends on the fish and the slugs.  I've seen some slugs that are huge and when the fish are small it might require cutting up the slugs to make them edible.


Some fish will take more easily to eating new and strange things than other types will.

good point.  I have goldfish and they eat anything that touches the water.  ;-)  Also, I pick off the slugs before they get too big....usually no larger than a centimeter or so.
Then again, I've got a few catfish that would probably enjoy some of the big suckers.

I know some slugs carry diseases such as lung worm so I was worried about giving them to the fish.

Does anyone have frogs or toads in their system 

I have a community of toads who live in and around the system, no problems yet that I can observe. I suspect they keep the population of bugs down and in return shade under the Taro that I have growing in my system.

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