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Hi forum - Hope everyone is having a nice winter.   I'm wondering if anyone has had success with sambac Jasmines in aquaponics.  I'm not sure how well they'd do or not, and/or if it's worth investigating propagating them in my system.  I was considering using a grow-bed for cultivars starts OR building another portion to my system (NOT a grow bed, but a raft or down-tube of some sort) for the jasmines.  Again, would WELCOME any input.  Thanks in advance!

-nick s

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Not a single reply to this?!?!   FORUM:  I am looking to use a portion of my AP setup to propagate jasmine- sambac jasmine, in particular grand dukes.  I'm wondering if it pays to start cultivars in hex-cells and than transplant to AP, once they have a root structure.. OR - I am open to buiding a new section to my AP to do so..  PLEASE REPLY - I HAVE NEVER ATTEMPTED JASMINE IN AP- ONLY SOIL!  they are wonderful plants, I welcome input from all of you, please advise!

I don't know much about grand dukes, and have only grown Carolina Jasmine and honey suckle vines. I would keep those  flowers and foliage away from the fish. Sort of like keeping tomato fruit and foliage from them.

I think that propagating from cuttings in AP grow beds would work fine with nutrients from the media bed (no soil or fertilizer). And like with cuttings in pots, I would bag 12 to 14 inch cuttings to improve the relative humidity. I would avoid direct sun but try for indirectly lit bright locations.

I think it would be best in a flood and drain bed with a longer drain or dry period than the flood or damp portion. Shooting for 5 minutes wet or damp during a 15 minute cycle.

If you do propagate from cuttings in AP, I hope you'll update us.

I think that your Jasmine would grow in your AP system, typically jasmine is widely adaptable and easy to propagate .  I would be a little concerned about aggressive rooting, it my take over your grow beds similar to the way mint does, if it were allowed to get established.  If you are using your AP system just for propagating and then transplanting them elsewhere, I think that your AP system will do a fine job at getting the jasmine to root, and i think cuttings could be placed straight into the system.  Good luck!

Thanks for the replies!  Roger- appreciate the insight.  I had similar concerns regarding rooting - I was considering building a special "rooting cup" grouping, to try and help keep root mass contained but still able to thrive - basically like "burying" little rooting-cups into the grow-bed media- we'll see if the cuttings will take well to it- I'll update once I get going with it.  COnversely, if anyone has input and BUILDING a separate "rooting workstation" and incorporating to my system, I'm totally open to it.  NFT didn't work well for me- but perhaps I can do a rafting-bed (or simlar) - OR, a vertical "downpipe" the way some people are doing strawberries..  again, im OPEN - please throw some ideas at my.  Honestly, I rather NOT use grow-bed space, and have a separate (contained) rooting/starting section for cuttings.  thanks again in advance!

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