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Hey folks, I'm from Santa Cruz, and I am raising Sac Perch (sunfish like bluegill only better, and Cali native) and Sac Blackfish (giant native minnow). I also sell tilapia fingerlings, and Redclaw Crawdads. Anyone else here raise any native fish?

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No worries, Paul. Good idea about the bait shop. Crawdads are also very easy to catch, just get a trap and soak it overnight in your local pond or creek. Crawdads are territorial, and you'll need a lot of area to raise any, or so I'm told.

However, Redclaw Crawdads are quite gregarious, and fine to pack shoulder to shoulder if you give them some pipe condos for solitude. They are easy to feed, being primarily vegetarian, and I raise mine under tilapia. They cohabit well, but definitely tropical.

Tyler, send me a message or email telling me how many of what kinds you want.

HI Jon, I just joined the community here and Paul introduced me to this group. I believe I spoke to you on the phone, about a month ago. I am trying  to find fish now, my system is up and running. Do you have fish available?


Hi Jason, nice speaking to you this morning. I have Sac Perch fry! It will be a couple of months before they are big enough to ship, so any who want some should let me know. I'm excited.

I have some catfish if you would want to trade for some tilapia?

Hi Jon,


Very interesting!  I'm looking forward to hearing more about the Sac perch.  I'm up in Reno and looking for some fish that might do well in my confusing weather conditions.  This years batch of cichlids are already in the tank but I'm feeling like they are not going to do so well with Reno's cold nights and often hot summer days.  Sac perch are in Pyramid Lake though, so maybe these are the right fish for us.


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