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Successful clones with a certain product?    

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There are so many natural ways to start a plant from a cutting and get them to root. One trick is just dip the cut stem in honey and then plant it in the growing media and wam you have a new rooted plant. Just Google natural ways to root tone a plant cutting. Root tone is the defacto product name and brand that comes to my mind though.

I use olivias cloning gel to clone just about anything in my garden. I'v used others iv just ended up liking this one the best. 

Yesterday, I saw a video that talked about using roots from water hyacinth to make a rooting hormone. Haas anybody here tried this?

I would not advise that water hyacinth I have heard is toxic if eaten by humans. I have always been told that you dont want to put in it ponds where a kid might eat it. 

I've never used water hyacinth, but in the amounts you are likely to use toxicity is hardly an issue.   You don't want to eat commercial rooting hormones either.   I grow willows for the Salicylic Acid which is good for fever and headache while the indolebutyric acid (IBA) is a good rooting hormone.   I'll have to check into water hyacinth - I love to use natural methods.

Children could eat them. But there are a wide variety of many other poisonous plants and unless you research each you probably already have a few.  The oxalic acid is a poison.  Within a minute or two your mouth will feel like your are chewing broken glass. I know from experience what it feels like and I'll admit I thought I might die.. 

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