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I have my system in my basement under lights.


My tomatos began producing in May, and have slowed almost to a stop, although I get a good number of blooms.  For months, the nitrate levels hovered around 20ppm.  They have now risen to about 80.


I am not setting fruit, so I am not sure what is going on.


Can anyone suggest a way forward?

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I hope that when temps drop a bit more we'll have bloom set in N. Fl. again.

Are they getting enough breeze to pollinate?  Tomatoes need a little air movement.  Also, check your iron and calcium. I found that my cherry tomatoes grew ok, but I had to add a little chelated iron and some calcium.  But watch your pH with the calcium.  Also, check your lights.  I had mine to far away from my plants for a while.  Just some thoughts.

Steve, high N does not promote fruiting. And nitrates at 80 is crazy high. I'd recomend planting a whole bunch of nitrogen consumers, like lettuce, watercress, leafy stuff. Or do a few massive water changes and boost the P and K a bit, and magnesium. The water you pull out of the system can be used to grow algae if you have room, or use it to water the fruit trees.

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