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Does anyone have any experience dealing with Chloramine in a commercial application? I had a few questions regarding its presence.

First, we have a print out from our local water municipality that states we have Chloramine in our water, not chlorine. As I understand it, it is somehow Chlorine + Ammonia combined. I have also read that it does not simply evaporate over time like traditional chlorine, and must be treated with drops in traditional aquaculture.

If we continually use tap water to top off our commercial system, will the chloramine levels continue to increase?

Will the bacteria in our aquaponic systems break down the ammonia portion of the chloramine, and allow the chlorine to evaporate naturally?

If anyone has any insight on this I'd appreciate it.

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I have been using Kordon AmQuel® Ammonia/Chloramine Remover though in a backyard system. It seems to work fine. We also have chloramine in our water. 

What did you end up using for your system?

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