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What would be a good goal number for a ten thousand gallon pond, I already have numerous goldfish but am not sure how many, I had at least twenty early this spring, and added 3 dozen + 45 Koi though the birds have been after them like crazy,,,snakes too! I must have somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 Rosy Red Minnows (which are supposed to get up to 4 inch, but few do with so many), the minnows should make great food for the trout!,,,The Minnows are also the reason for getting the trout,,,well at least part of it!,,,,Something needs to be done to control their population, at almost any time during the day when I go to the pond, there they are spawning in great hordes!

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Most people would probably answer that it depends on your filters.  There are general guidelines in the Basic and Useful forum.  With adequate filtering you could grow a lot of trout.

Thanks, I'll check there! 

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