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Hey all I am new to aquaponics and have not had to chance to start. I just had a few questions. What is the ideal temperature my greenhouse should maintain? Also when you drop the seeds in how do they germinate and reach the nutrient water if it just hovers below the surface? One last one, how do people incorparate worms in their media type systems? Just throw them in the grow bed or what? Thank you!!

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As to direct seeding my bell siphon design takes small extender rings that can be used to adjust the GB water level. So when I am direct seeding I raise the water to 1/2" below the surface of the media, etc for seedlings at 1". You can see 2 of the extensions in this pic:

As for worms, yeah just put them in. I put mine near the water inlet line assuming most of the solids will accumulate there. Once I shut down a bed and left it outside for GH re-work in the dead of winter )0-20 degrees) then realized I had forgotten the worms. Fortunately they were in the bottom and alive. I'm no expert but unless you have one heck of a filter you'll need worms. Just a handful is a good start. Put them in together so they can find each other to mate.

Hey Jeff, good advice. We PU 4 loader buckets of composting horse manure from a neighbor/friend and low and behold it came loaded with about 5 billion red worms. It is alive with them. Been distributing them everywhere. Apparently the advantage to red worms is they don't tend to mass migrate like other earthworms do. I have witnessed such a migration. Weird. They can all disappear overnight. Not so with reds. Joined a vermiculture group on FB and have learned how to id them.

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