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So I'm a student at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  My school pays a few hundred thousand dollars a year to give us access to all literature and books available in the world.  To an individual, this stuff would cost $1,000's because you often have to pay to get access to scientific journals and other literature.

Tonight I searched and even requested articles that I couldnt download, for literature on aquaponics, everything from reviews to scientific experiments and economic reviews.

I hope the following articles are helpful.

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Agreed. 150 US dollars is not much for a quality book of that nature. I own many books, some of a much more frivolous nature that had cost me quite a deal more.

Problem is, say for someone like me, that in the country that I live in, I cannot use E-bay, Amazon etc..., and the United States banking system will not accept my Visa credit card for any transactions whatsoever due to the country of it's origin. And even if I were to somehow magically transact the $150 for such a purchase, initial postage, import duties, PDV tax, VAT tax, customs tax then further postage...would make the price closer to $300 USD...but that is all a moot point since I cannot transact the $150 in the first place.

Mr. Noga of course, is not to blame for this. But neither am I.

Yes, intellectual property and the freedom to have access to information (even for the poor...especially for the poor) is quite a complex issue on both sides of the coin.  A real conundrum. 

matthew ferrell said:

Noga's book is worth every penny.  Just buy it used and realize that 150 bucks is not very much to pay someone for years of work. 

Vlad Jovanovic said:

Long live the Age of Information. 

Mathew, you do realize that just about everything (if in fact not everything) that Sean has linked, is already available on the net... for it's entirety...About as exciting as removing the "Do Not Remove this Tag" tag from your mattress...

Go ahead try it, just Google any of the titles he linked. It's all there already.

Nothing 'special' about any of those links...Now if he could link something like :

Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment by Edward J. Noga: Diagnosis and Treatment

Now, that would be something mighty fine...

I emailed Noga to see if we can resolve your specific issue. 


You most likely broke a number of rules by posting those articles here. Most universities have policies regarding how students are allowed to use their internet and library access, and I would bet this goes against their policies. Also, there are always terms and conditions for access to sites that host academic literature and this is most certainly written out in those terms as something they do not allow.

I am not saying I disagree with what you did and in fact I strongly encourage the use of the internet to share information. However, the way in which you shared these articles was not very smart and I don't want you or this site to get in trouble. First, don't tell us where you got them - by using your name and university it is as if you are asking to be caught, and being caught would likely mean the loss of your library/research privileges at the least. In fact, you should just say something like "I found these files and thought you might like them." Second, do not attach them directly to the thread because this puts the Aquaponics Community website at risk by hosting potentially illegal files. Instead you should post the files somewhere else and then simply share the link here.

Thank you for sharing what you found and I hope you continue to share more articles as you find them, just make sure not to put yourself or the site at risk.

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