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For those who have their set ups outside I thought I would share this new invention. I have been seriously considering setting up a beehive. As a family we have been trying to become more self sufficient. Growing up I help raise bees and we always had fresh honey. It was a lot of work but well worth it. I saw this new behive design on youtube and was very impressed.

The catch is they are still in manufacturing stage right now and won't ship until Dec 15th of this year. When they do start shipping we are planning to get a couple. You can order early and when they are ready you'll be sent yours. It'll be like Christmas!

 Let me know what you think.

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As with this video, I have some concerns with this design.
If you don't need to open the hive, to get honey. How are you going see small problems, before they grow into major ones.

You would still need to tend to the brood box and check the bees as often as you did before. The collecting of the honey though would be much less labor intensive and less messy. The comb frames are made to fit a traditional style deep box, so air flow wouldn't change if you use your box. We had a screen that went between the super and brood box that allowed the workers to go through but not the queen so we never had a problem with larva being in the honey comb.

And if you get disease in there, would you be happy to burn it at that price?.
I wouldn't be happy to burn it at any price.

paul burton said:
And if you get disease in there, would you be happy to burn it at that price?.
I've read comments on gardening sites that seem to think this is very unhealthy for the bees. I don't know the science behind it but I thought you may like to research it. When we add our beehive this is on my list to research.
Please keep us updated. Its very interesting.

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