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Has anyone tried peanuts?  I am planning on Kale and cabbage to be my test plants for my system. But I was pondering growing peanuts, because i LOVE peanuts, peanut butter, etc! mmmmm.  My uncle used to grow peanuts, but he lives tooo far away and I think he doesn't do that anymore.

What are other godo suggestions for plants? 

I was pondering some net pots. Does anyone have a good source of where to find net pots for aquaponics? 

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Peanuts are fascinating. They grow in little baskets at the local pizza joint :) Seriously though, when you really think about it, how many people actually know what a peanut plant is like? You see peanuts everywhere, but no one seems to know how they grow. Are they a bush? A tree? Well, this is a picture of a peanut plant, presented for your fascination and delight! Yes, it's a plant. And the "nuts" grow underground. Go figure.

My uncle grew them. Spanish peanuts was one type. He had two types. I can't remember what the other one was.  So I had a clue what it looked like but I didn't realize they were actually the seed!  mm I'd love to make my own peanut butter with these. hehehe. Mmmm. 

Kale and cabbage both do well in our system.  Don't know about peanuts but do know that other root crops do well, carrots and beets.  Good luck.

Looking at the size of the plant and the number of peanuts per plant, it seems like you would have to grow an awful lot of plants to get enough to eat.  Peanuts are similar to potatoes in habit and growing season length.  I would think that that is a long time to keep plants in a system.

A wicking bed might be a great place to start.  You could crowd the plants somewhat, except that if you crowd them too much you severely disrupt the ability to fruit properly.  Of course this advice is coming from someone who has NO experience in growing peanuts only eating them; and loving them.  Western Washington does not have the climate for growing peanuts.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with me...  Give me a computer and I become expert on everything and dangerous!!

I would wonder about over saturating the fruit. A constant exposure to water, even if you are using flood and drain, would seem to ruin peanuts. Couldn't say though, however i would suggest watching your pH. Peanuts are often planted to correct pH problems in the soil. They may lead to an unwanted change in pH in your AP system.

Good luck if you try it.

I say give 'em a try and let us know how it goes :)

I'm curious about an update Jennifer.  Did you get them planted and how are they growing?

I'm curious, too.  I would certainly plant some in my wicking beds.

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