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Has anyone tried using Pangasius in Aquaponics?

I just had death of my 3 month old Pangasius.  It was swimming strangely, afloat most of the time and slow so I tried to quarantine it. It's dead after 48 hours.  I tried to use some sea salt in the quarantine tank and plenty of aeration. 


I will try to post the picture when I get home from office tonight.  It had lesions in the stomach and the fins below the tummy looked like there is hemmorhage, even on the lips.


Please share your thoughts.





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I am not familiar with catfish, but the symptoms you describe here sound similar to descriptions that I have seen in discussions related to the culture and preferred water conditions for (channel?) catfish.  Perhaps you should take a look at some of the discussions (or try to contact TCLynx as it is there that I think the discussion originated) to see if you can learn more about what could have been the problem in your system.


Best of luck!

it kindda look gross but this is how it is after... see the lesions and the internal hemmorhaeg obvious on the fins... its hard cause i work all day so i only have morning before work and after 5 pm to observe them, so far, thank God, the remaining 3 pangasius are doing fine



Have you checked water conditions? I lost several catfish due to high nitrate levels.

hi @lance woolen  , thank God that was a few months ago and the 3 surviving Pangasius are all healthy and active.  what i did was just try to replenish fresh water to the tank and it kindda just left.   I now have three of them, all about a foot long powering a growbed with humongous sweet potatoes ( i am using it for the young leaves which is very good to include in noodles or beef stew or just boil it as tea, very nutritious), bittermelon, pepper, okra, bittermelon and kangkong. 

lately i have been spraying my plants with home made Fermented Fruit Juice and a couple of nights ago, my home made cultured microorganism (fermented rice wash, strained then mixed with milk, fermented again, then strained and dilluted in water), both supplementary natural fertilizers are well tolerated by my fish

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