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Well, better now then later. The property owner doesnt want a hoop house here.

So my plans are in stasis. Until I find another.

Meanwhile I am going to clear my present tanks, and just store them in place, a half dozen large aquaria, in use and another half dozen smaller in storage.  The larger job is the garage/shop which is full of equipment, lumber and green wood. Its all going to be a serious moving job.

I bring all this up to underscore the importance of owning or having a good lease. The owner knew and accepted when I came that I had a lot of aquaria, and shop equipment. But the plans for a hoop house are not doable, they want a flower bed in that area. 

Words to the wise, either own your work site, or have a good lease.

The one bright spot is that there are a lot of empty places around here, so my search begins now. And it will have a good lease specifically discussing aquaponics, and shop work.


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An adjustment, I dont want to disperse my breeding stock so keeping them, one tank of L.Brichardi(  fun species), and several tanks of Tilapia, but will be dropping one species, either Nilotica or Aurea. Thats going to be hard, I like them both. And have good stocks of both.

I have started one small indoors aquaponic project, an aquarium, reservoir/sump and several grow beds. Talking with my son I think we could move it all in 4-5 days and maintain the stocks. The Brichardi will be the hardest, in  90 gal tank. But doable.

So, I am looking around, but continuing on with my projects. Thats life. Jake

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