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Congratulations, Kenji!  It's wonderful to seem your dream coming alive.

Wow, so much has happened since our last update.  Here are some additional pictures, with more to come!


I was wondering if you offer tours of your farm. It really looks amazing and I would love to come check it out. Please let me know how much and when. Thank you so much ...I will be waiting patiently for your response

Hello Jennifer,

We will begin offering tours of our farm beginning on Saturday January 5th, and then the first Saturday of the month from then on.  The time will be 12-2, and at a minimal cost most likely $10 and you'll get a sample with the entry fee, and the option of purchasing some more when you see how amazing it is!  

To reserve your space and receive updates, please email:

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion!

The next set of pictures showing our progress!

Good progress guys. What kind of fish are you planning to use?

awesome can't wait to tour!

We have Asian Grass Carp + Channel Catfish in our Green House, and Channel Catfish in the Blue House.

Ryan Chatterson said:

Good progress guys. What kind of fish are you planning to use?


Awesome job and a big thank you for the tour today guys.  Damn nice to meet all of you and looking forward to watch your success continue.

Just thru up a couple pictures on my blog . I went on a farm tour Saturday Jan 5. Pretty sweet operation. -

More on my facebook page.

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