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Old Plastic Dishwasher Housing/is it safe to use in Aquaponic System?

I took out my old dishwasher today and wonder how much of I can re-use? The plastic tub looks like a smaller version of what I would end up with from a tote, but know from Science class way back when I was a 7th grader that plastic cutting boards were usually not good for a person because they could harbor bacteria in cracks the got from slices by sharp knives and wooden cutting boards, even though they could harbor bacteria in the wood were safer (if properly used) because they could be washed cleaner and sealed with oil. Any food or fish safety concerns I should think of? Also any thoughts of if it would make a better tank or grow bed? How about the dishwasher's water pump?,,,would it be better for a larger system or for making a fountain in the yard? Would I be better off to use the heating element for making an electric smoker, or would it not get hot enough to cook the fish thoroughly?

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I ended up making a firewood box out of it, not much was as re-usable as I thought and is waiting by my garbage cans to go to the recycle bin. 

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