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Thank you all for your contribution so far. I am still a long ways off from where I need to be so your continued thoughts and suggestions are still needed.

Plan A

The footprint of the château and all permanent buildings combined, cannot exceed 30 mu or five acres. It doesn’t matter how deep we go but seeing that this area is very rocky, it will be pretty costly to blast/ dig down. So I expect the structure to be two stories deep and maybe two to three stories high.


The present assumption is to get financing to turn this parcel into a biodynamic vineyard/ cellar for expensive wines with entertainment facilities. No wines are expected to be produced here with the exception of small run batches for novelty. Besides offering some of the worlds finest wines and a secure, controlled environment to store them in, there needs to be entertainment facilities which would include a four star kitchen, an attached great hall/ auditorium to be used as the main eating and meeting area which can host conferences and weddings etc., which can also function as a lounge/ nightclub in the evenings. As per Chinese custom, lavish dinning suites will be available for a more private setting.


To enhance comfort and luxury, we will offer Spa services for both men and women. There may be an indoor/ outdoor swimming pool/ pond with fish. A dry and wet sauna as well as hot tubs will be available for guest as well as trained masseuses/ masseurs. There is nothing like a good massage after sharing a good bottle of wine. A few suites may also be included for VIP guests to stay over night.


This château/ cellar will feature an organic farm demonstrating different methods of sustainable farming including Aquaponics. This farm will produce all the food for guest to consume on premise as well as the option of U-pick or we pick, for them to take home.


The grounds will be divided into three sectors with the château and vines being the first and closest to the road.


The second sector will be mainly xersiscaped gardens with prairie flowers, camp grounds/ facilities and housing for service animals, including a petting zoo and fishpond and veggie garden. This section will be divided into tessellated geometric patterns to provide interest, maximum privacy for campers and ergonomic land usage.


The third sector will be mainly for production of organic vegetable crops and at the furthest part away from the château, animals. This production area will be selectively open to guests to provide our animals better bio security, as we will not use antibiotics.

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