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Hi folks - we're new to Aquaponics - are just starting to produce our first vegetables from our system built about 3 months ago.  We used our 3-year old 400 gallon ornamental fish pond (gold fish and koi) and built a grow bed and green house partially from re-used materials.  Already had a nice pump.  Right now we're adjusting water quality and getting ready to add Tilapia.  We've removed our pond lilies and relocated them into an old bath tub.  Ben & Judy

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I'm new myself. I'm currently building my system. I've finished the fish tank (200 gal) and will start on the growbeds next month. The biggest criteria, and maybe a limiting factor in building my system is that the growbeds must be low enough so the grandkids can have easy access. Again, welcome.

Thanks, James - well, you could pump your water back into pond from a sump tank, then gravity flow to beds - we already had our fish pond set up as ornamental for a couple years, so we had to position our beds, fortunately had another ground level to work from, and they're a bit high - but I just keep a step stool in the green house if I need to get to something on the back side of the bed.  What part of the country are you in?  Ben & Judy

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