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Never would have thought Wamart would have Aquaponics

   walmart bell siphone Well, I was sure hoping that us aquapons would be able to keep everything going without the help of big business. I love all the free advice that I have gotten from here and other social media including you tube, hell thats how I found out about aquaponics. Its all there, but now Walmart and others have our hobby on display, from the bell siphon to the grow beds, it is there. I am kinda sad really. I was hoping that this was finally something that us as a community can do by our selves, but now.... well it is just like all the rest I guess. If we cant buy it from China, or Japan, then we shouldn't have it.. I just dont know any more. it was fun being in a special group. I will keep going I guess but, I could have just stayed with hydroponics.. Sorry for the rant. But I miss the special group. I dont like EVERYTHING going to Walmart. Buy your toilet paper there, not your Aquaponics, PLEASE! Give me your thoughts, am I just over reacting?

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I think so, I see aquaponic source in the listing for the bell siphon, cant remember on the grow beds.

Yeah, it is our stuff.  It is being sold to them by a distributor we drop ship for called Tonz Of that has apparently listed our products on the Walmart website.  I just found out through your thread and I"m not happy about it either and I'll be severing that relationship tomorrow.  Thanks for the heads up!

Your welcome Sylvia, Walmart has its place, just not in our lil group, lol

Hi Randall.  I'm just not excited about having our products represented there.  It feels like it cheapens them a bit.  But if we decide to give away one of those grow beds you will be the first guy to know. 

Walmart has it's place but not with aquaponics. They have a way of making it feel like it's an inferior product... I just had to spout off 'cause I've never had anything from Walmart last and the last  couple times I've had to ask after chrck outy if I had all my groceries only to find out once I got home that I didn't. Could you imagine asking them a question about aquaponics. Sorry... I just don't like Walmart.

Another good reason for us to pull the product from TonzOf (who is listing them on, and Got knows where else...)..  The can't support it.  With this one exception we generally only work with retailers who have a clue about AP and can answer questions.  I agree that Walmart has it's place - maybe for toilet paper and crayons - but not for our products.  Again, I really appreciate the feedback.

I agree with all of you that Walmart has it's place but the fact that they what to sell your aquaponic products says a lot to your products in a very good way and that they see that it is the way to go. But before you completely cut off that distributor due you have any product line that you could let them sell that could be like a teaser to get to more people to help build the possible sparks of interest in aquaponics. I do not work for Walmart nor will I ever work for them. If you just can't go with Walmart maybe some other more reputable chain store.

I am new to this forum and very excited about what I'm learning. I did find this post interesting in that it implies that aquaponics is becoming a popular gardening technique. However, it shouldn't discourage anyone in their pursuit because Wal-Mart is now selling gear online. As an avid cyclist I could care less if Wal-Mart sells bikes and accessories. Due to quality issues, I've never bought bikes or equipment from them nor do I anticipate ever doing so. I love the sport and nobody discourages me in that passion. Likewise, no one will discourage my gardening enthusiasm either.

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