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I'm a master's student studying agricultural economics and rural development and am looking for ideas for a thesis topic.  I am definitely interested in working with aquaponics but not sure which direction to go.  I have a lot of ideas but am just looking for some new input.  Anyone know of any areas that specifically need research that might be relevant to my degree? 


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im going to play you like an advanced person some one who isnt going to be a user of aquaponics but an inovator or cutting edge inventor. - Cause whats gonna happen is your gonna learn how to use Ap like us. But unlike us?? it prob stops there/ your studies will be more prob

toards desigining something or finding out something. So.?

One of the biggest challanges we have in this community Is the time it takes a fish to grow...

then another one is food

then the one i have Zero idea about supplaments there

im lost./

You also need to know chemicals.

there s a video up top with doctor about chemicals And minerals  there interaction

So there you go there's some ideas...

but you know if it were me i would study these guys at the cell level. Which is where its at.

cause cells is where it starts.

Also the role that sunlight plays , another one. These are things that hold up the show. They produce algae i think.

Ohh another one is Solar pannels for pumps some wattage stuff important to know.., invertors , and batteries ,

you know thats about as much as i know./ i dont have an Ap system yet/ im learning from everyone here...

And waiting to make my move/

ohh sorry read your question again thesis right??

i think strongly think you should look at chemicals and cells////// there interaction in fact that's where i would place my chips. i think that's where its at. Imagine the interaction of chemicals minerals oxygen and carbon which we all are. Mixed with Cell of the fish Its digestive tract its gut stomach , how it exchanges these gases food. its brain. what kills fish?? what bad for it... in the thesis. Its relation to sound, and its senses.what che/micals

are released in its waiste. why does its waiste??

produce a great reaction for plants./

what exactly in its waiste is absorbed by the roots./ how does it travel///

then a whole bunch of stuff on chemical interaction of the plants// with that waiste..//..


exchange of gases etc,. ( mean not only would that confuse the professor a bit  lloll ) it is very interesting..

but that for me is fascinating.  i like that cause there's easil/y 10 pages you can write on that.

all  ideas i got.

I think I'm going to start my thesis writing about the whole system and to put a basic business plan together that I have to present in Januari. So I've got an idea what the costs and the benefits are for my size of setup. The next thing is more about the design itself and this have to be innovative. A different composition is not enough.

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