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Hello all, starting a new system in Rochester Hills, MI and looking for 100-200 White /Blue Tilapia Fry.  Do you have any for sale or know someone in the area?

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Hi Philip. I'm in Garden City. I've been doing aquaponics for about 2 1/2 years. Nothing spectacular just basic stuff. I read your profile and was wondering if you have enough gallons to support 100-200 fry grow out. I have a 330 gallon IBC but so many fish I can't feed them enough to grow them fast without overloading the system with ammonia. I had to set up a separate grow out tank to grow some of the faster. Did you want to breed your own or just buy some fry?

In MI I have one 400 gal. grow-out tank and room for one more.  Just small fry for now.  I have a tentative agreement to purchase 200 new born blues from in late May, they won't ship and it's an 11 hour round trip, would prefer to deal/purchase locally.

I'm not sure how many I have. I'm thinking around 1200. Just harvested 18 today. Lost 47 lbs about a month ago when my pumps stopped. The big ones in the main tank all died but the smaller ones didn't. My fish are all different sizes as I don't try to breed them any more. I've never sold any fish. What's the going rate?

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