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Well here is my garden at 5 weeks , second pic is when I started 3/27

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WOW!  That is incredible, Paul!  Was your system fulling cycled when you added in those plants?  Did you also add Maxicrop or just straight up AP?

Well I'm a little lazy so put it all together and then kinda of let it run itself ,put the fish in the tank about 2 days after filling and planted all the plants that week too. Now it wasn't as easy as it sounds with water lvls and siphons but lots of trials and errors . This is with the fish in the tank and plants in the beds. I check the PH once a week and Ammonia about once.... a week ya that's right once a week. Ph stays high 7-8 and ammonia stays around .25 or less, Now I don't know if this maters as much but one of the box stores had a nitrification starter ( Pond Kickstart ) that I put in and also put in the seaweed and iron additives. My lettuce was harvesting in 3 weeks on a floating raft that has no filtration on it.That was one week after plantingThis is week 5 and around 10 lbs already harvested.

That is fantastic. Well done. Keep us posted. Any problem with bugs?

Wow! Did you start with seed or pre-sprouted plants? Also, what iron additive are you using? Great stuff!


welcome to the wonderful word of aquaponic food production... i wonder if you will eventually convert the raised beds to ap?

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