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I started messing around with tilapia 2006-2010

2010 - the end of july i had to take  my system down

i am currently trying to get a piece of property to set up a scaled system.

basickly i dont have a system that is running

but i want to share my last 4 years with aquaponics

with members.......


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i removed yesterday

Update on the plant..celery in system. I have had a aphid problem with the celery and I have been trying and to some extent controlling them I am running away from the problem...had enough and  I am happy with the results growing celery......move onto something else. I want to remove the celery and clean the rafts and re plant lettuce seedling I am growing

As far as the bsf...all going fine and I am very happy with the results I am getting so far.

My bsf larvae bin...lots of larvae. I have started feeding a dryer mixture

600 grams collected over a few days.

dryer mixture

This is the 1st year that I have noticed this fly

I see more of them around my bins every day now...

feed time Black soldier fly larvae

less than 24 hrs later



Hi All

been a while

an update of the plants in the system

peas,Garlic and lettuce



Hi All


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