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I started messing around with tilapia 2006-2010

2010 - the end of july i had to take  my system down

i am currently trying to get a piece of property to set up a scaled system.

basickly i dont have a system that is running

but i want to share my last 4 years with aquaponics

with members.......


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Thank you Francois this answers my question, I am learning a lot from your experience in AP.

Have a great day, 

Francois Lemmer said:

Hi Safwat

......very good question

With the right management and design I believe it can and will be sometime in the future.

Time will tell

watch this space

Hi All
Not much to post…I haven’t really spent much time on the system….and I have and gone and bought another 18 seedlings and planted them into the system…risky but I need plants…….
Today I planted lettuce seeds into small pots in the system
The fish are good and the system good no problems yet.
Some photos I took off my back garden now that we had some rain …..
Yust me thinking

Hi All
I have started logging electricity.
One of the bigger expenses and I am stoked with the little I am currently using.
When my stocking increases I will have to add a bigger pump but……
I am currently using a small fish tank pump. The pump replaces the water in the tank +- ones every hour and for now I very happy……I am only using +-18 K/watt’s per month…...0.600 watt’s per 24 hours
+-20kw per month x R1.04 = R20.80 p/month and a packet of smokes cost +-R22.00 per packet…

the fish are happy and are eating well...
Keeping running cost down…very important when you consider scaling up a system
Yust me thinking

Nice sketch up.


thank's TC...i do mechanical designing so the whole system is drawn up and detailed to scale.

It helps



Hi All
From the extreme heat the weather has now changed to colder days and nights with showers
The tank temp’s stay in the lower 20Deg/Celsius…cold but the fish are still eating well.
the celery is doing well and the basil the same…..
Yust me thinking


the celery

after the 1st trim


Hi All

I was planning on using the cover in winter only but halfway through summer and I have had to use the cover again…helps heaps with water temp increase in day

The last few days the water is +20 deg in the mornings and not much better in the afternoons so I took out the cover.

The Outside temp today is +- 27-30 deg and between plastic and the black plastic tank cover just less than 80 deg…

the basil i cut last week has grown back and looks good

Hi All
After seeing a success with BSF larvae and the amounts larvae
that can be harvested from a box/bin….
I am really impressed
I did a bit of research and I am very…very impressed……
As fish food they are very good free source…..
I have been finding the BSF larvae in-between the worms in my worm bin.
It has really got me going into making a box for the larvae.
I had this box lying around and the rest of what I needed to make a bin.
I sealed insulated the inside with black plastic and polystyrene I had… and
Painted it white...

BSF bin


















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