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Hello all. I made my first aquaponics system a few months ago and am just barley getting around to posting a few pictures for some construstive critizism. It looks crooked from the way i took the pic but it really isnt.

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nifty little system!

Good way to start. Not biting off more than you can chew. Depending on whether you're growing fish or veggies you may need to make your GB larger. I'm no expert but I think a couple of good size fish could supply your bed there with all the nutrients you need for your plants and more fish would be too much for your bed to filter.

Nice looking system.  You must be in a warm climate to have green grass already.

you were right jeff about needing more grow bed. i added this one yesterday for starters.

What kind of fish do you have and how many in your system, James?

I currently have 8 tilapia fingerlings. Im aware that they will get crowded in there when they get bigger but im planning on either making a bigger system or making a second one by then.

I have 21  2 - 2 1/2 inchTilapia in a 55 gallon aquarium and I think it will be a few months at least before I worry about putting them in a larger tank. I have 5  1 1/2-2lb in about 15 inches of water in an IBC tote and they have plenty of room. Haven't figured out what I'll do with the 800 1 1/2 inchers in the other IBC when they start growing. Watch out when they start reproducing. The 800 came from just 2 litters, 1 300 and 1 500. Need any fish?

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