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Well it's official my 1st client paid his deposit today.
This is the Plan
And I sommer started by getting some bits. 
I must have looked delightful in traffic
Then over the weekend.. 
Put in some effort on the parts for the client build.
a few progress pics.

Garage is a bit chaotic at the mo.

I decided to cut the sides of the IBC rather than the top and bottom traditional cuts.
This was the off-cut - The leaky stuff.
This is what the bed looks like - much less complex in terms of convolutions on the bottom.
And check out the support structure underneath
As apposed to the traditional top cut.. (Had to do one traditional cut to create a sump.)

Decided to chill a bit tonight and do some admin - bit pooped :blackeye: . It's much harder work than one remembers and it always takes longer than you recall.
The next step is to make up the frame edges that attach to those wood surrounds. I don't like having all those edges and poky bits. The clien't wife is shorter than me and i don't want her ripping something while reaching into the beds.
Then a cover for the fish tank.

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Hey been a bit busy but here is a quick progress pic.

Interesting build. I'm anxiously waiting to see where it goes. Still trying to understand the reasoning behind the way you cut the tanks.

The main reason for the cut is the support underneath.

It also made for a very smooth bed with a flat bottom and there is no cap or valve that can leak.

I like the concept but what about side support on the open sides? Are the tanks new and did you paint them?

IBC's are used they came from the wine industry, I believe. They are actually black already, there is a white layer in the inside and a black layer on the outside. They are quite rare and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The side support is a slight issue but easily sorted with a wooden strut or a steel length of square tubing. In hindsight the steel strut would be a better idea because the woodwork is more labour intensive.

An update

Here's a pic of the bell siphon installed.
To fit the stand pipe I cut the hole in the bed just a tad smaller than the OD on the fitting. I heated the hole in the bed with a heat gun then quickly turned the fitting into the soft plastic so it would cut/mold a thread and give a tighter fit.

The NFT Channels worked out well

Then the signature filter came out nicely
Image Image

This is what it looked like all together just before we packed the trailer.

Then with a bit of teenage help ....

.... We were ready to roll, in rush hour traffic

Check out the marketing for the people who must be wondering - what the hell is that?..

The delivery went well except for the downed biker we drove past on the way.

Nice Job.

Thanks man, pity the chaps base is not ready yet cant wait to switch it on.

As I am in the middle of expanding my single IBC with 1 grow bed to  an in ground sump with 2 media beds and 1 raft bed I'm finding the GH prep is more involved than the aquaponics components. Digging , wiring, building, leveling, heating, etc. Is taking all my time. I had the tanks ready months ago. I'm almost there but right now in Florida for R&R before winter.

We're a bit spoilt here with the climate. The winter water temp drops to about 9°. But I was in the states on a company trip in December landed in New York then did a hop to Florida. Florida was very similar to our weather, but New York all that snow wow that must be a challenge.

I hear you on the GH prep, all those little things that you even forget yourself till you do it again. But it's still an awesome feeling to stand back after know, I did that and it's a good job.

Had a productive day and a bit.

I got home early on Monday, used the gap to build the raft for Rod's Deep Water Culture (DWC) tank.
I did an improved version of mine. A pipe float with a deck and neoprene inserts to hold the plants.
I used 50mm PE pipe. Mine was made with 40mm PVC but that could use a dash more buoyancy

I got a bought a damaged carpet protector from work as the deck
Strapped them all together and cut some neoprene inserts

Today it was off to Rod's to finish the piping for the DWC tank, add the air stones to the fish tank and the DWC tank and tidy up.
This is a serious system and, though it pains me, I think I am leaving it in good hands 
I will be helping them through the cycling process.

Awesome job. Even though I try to give my system a clean look I can't say that I put as much effort in it as you have. Why didn't you go with a Styrofoam sheet in the DWC instead of the PVC and plastic sheet?

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