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Just got some seeds from  I dont think they're the best option for aquaponics due to their large size and the fact that the roots will rot if too wet, but I was wondering if anyone else has any experience with them.



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I've got moringa growing in soil.  They freeze back even here in winter but during the warm season they grow fast.
What's your soil like?  Did you do anything special to germinate the seeds?
Um, I think I may have soaked them and then started them in a container of compost that was getting bottom watered by a flood and drain gravel bed in my aquaponics system.


Two weeks ago I bought three trees for myself and for others also. I also got a packet ofseeds of which eight grew and are doing well.  In two weeks they have grown to my height. I eat leaves everyday but try not to take all the leaves. I have already picked of the tender main shoot and already have axillary shoots that are 5 inches long. 


They can't take the freezing which is a danger in Sarasota, but below Ft Myers should be safe. I plan to keep trees shoulder height and build a simple PVC cold frame over them. Echo recommends that all fruit trees and any that have root rotting problems to be planted on a mound.



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