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Everything I planted with the same batch of potting soil- (bought from Lowes) appears to have the same disease, even the volunteer plants that came up, and there was a lot of them. - I recently pulled them. Is anyone positive what disease is on the mustard leaves? The  broccoli plant has similar white marks  in my previous post. I plant to sterilize my potting soil and I may even try to heat the seed prior to planting for my next batch.

Some of my plants were in  an Aquaponics system and some were in the soil in my green house. Does anyone know how likely this is to take up in the soil and if there is any way to prevent this from spreading other than digging up all the dirt surrounding the area and even then I do not know how far pathogens spread when watered... Hopefully the Aquaponics media will not harbor any of the disease.

 Any help would be appreciated. I rarely have disease problems and previously they have been primarily with tomato plants.

 Thanks Shelia

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hi Shelia, ive had fungal issues lately. With the cold damp greenhouse, our basil plants have been hit hard by a downy mildew. i found Actinovate makes an OMRI listed fungicide. ...they make an iron that is ideal for media beds. i use it in our wicking beds too.

Thanks Rob,

 So you do not think this looks like the beginning stages of black rot? The only reason I still wonder is because my older tomato plants that have small tomatoes and plenty of blooms are fairly healthy, except they keep getting aphids. spraying them with hot sauce works for a while and then all of a sudden some will appear once again. 

I was really frustrated because I thought this appeared because of the potting soil-because  volunteer plants came up so I know the soil would not have been heated at the proper temperature.

I  keep a large squirrel cage fan on in the green house at all times and I have a wood stove for heat that works well so far and it has dipped as low as 18 degrees here, but is is still is damp in there.

 Thanks for the link. I will look at the ingredients on the package  tomorrow and will probably purchase some.

im not sure on the black rot.. but this stuff will cure most fungal issues, is best used as a preventative...

i will add it to every thing i plant in the future...

@Rob - I looked into Actino-Iron and it appears to derive it's iron from Magnetie Ore.  Then looking up Magnetie Ore I discovered it contains Fe2+Fe3+2O4.   I'm not good with chemistry but I try. I get that you are mainly using it as a fungicide, but I think FE3 would be an iron chelate, and make itself available to the plants which sounds like an added benefit.  . 

Are you foliar spraying, or adding it to the wicking beds? The warnings say it is a skin irritant, but since it is made to go in soil I'm wondering if it is safe to put into aquaponic water or any media connected to the fish.. 

Is Activonate safe to use in an AP system or just soil?

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