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What kind of fish can I mix with my blue tilapia fish. I have also have African cichlids and angel fish. So I was wondering if I could mix them together in the same tank. Talipa, African cichlids, and angel fish all belong to the the same species. Just wondering if  they would be okay tank mates? Thanks! 


So far tilapia fish and black moors aren't good tank mates, because the tilapia fish like to nip at the back moors tail and eyes. 








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I have African Cichlids (Malawi) in with Talapia and have not had any problems other than the smaller Cichlids have trouble competing for food. I will have to separate them in the future because of to much of a load on the bio-filter. The Talapia are growing quickly.

Okay, thanks... I also have noticed that, in my Talapia leave alone my plecostomus and fetherfin cat fish. So it seams that most species of cat fish are okay tank mates.  Here is my setup so far, just mainly breeding the fish right now since I just got my talapia fish a late in October.


I love that stack of bricks your tank is sitting on! I sure don't have that luxury in Cali, earthquakes would lay that thing flat in no time.

I mix tilapia with almost everything; catfish, bass, bluegill, plecos, crawdads, pangasius, carp, koi, goldfish, mosquito fish, with no probs. Well no probs created by the tilapia anyway. My guess is that you aren't feeding them enough. Blue tilapia from late Oct should be 3-4" by now. A hungry tilapia is not to be trusted. 

i've got blue tilapia with nile tilapia, bluegill and yellow perch (and crayfish)

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