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I was wondering if anyone had half filled their growbeds with something cheap like large granite chippings and then topped up the beds with Hydraton.



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Yep people have done such things, works well for extra deep grow beds.

I've not done it myself though since the 1/2" brown river rock is fairly nice to dig in and is the cheapest pH appropriate stuff around here.

Thanks TCLynx

I am trying to design a system that costs virtually nothing to set up without compromising the quality of the components that really count.

At the moment I have managed to get about 75% of my system with zero capital outlay.

I would like to see how far I get before I spend any money.


Well, here is a link to my youtube channel

I recommend the vinegar fizz test of any media you might want to use for aquaponics. 
The cost of a pint or even a gallon of vinegar will save you much backbreaking labor since even if it's free, you want to make sure whatever gravel you use, won't affect your pH long term.


I've not been able to spend the extra money to even top up my grow beds with expanded clay when the river rock I have available works so well.

Aman, what is costing the most money so far?


Just curious.


jeff c


At the moment nothing has cost me anything

I imagine the most costly parts are going to be the media and the pumps

I am going to build a geodesic dome to house my system but I can get the vast majority of the materials for that for free as well

Jeff Cummings said:

Aman, what is costing the most money so far?


Just curious.


jeff c


You could sterilize, boil some local gravel after scrubbing it down, and using that for your media.


And you could manually change water until you can afford a pump.


Just ideas,

Jeff C


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