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I would like any feedback regarding recommendations of mag pumps. I have been using 1.5 hp pumps for our oxygen systems but in some applications it's too much.I would like to offer a system using a one quarter hp pump (3-400 watts)

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Hi Michael. Everything is custom built. There are some details about my setup on my blog at or my youtube page at If you have additional questions I'll be glad to answer them. Perhaps it would be best to post questions my greenhouse thread:

Michael sanders said:

I am looking for a way to monitor my system and I saw your video. Can I get some information on what products you used?

Rob Torcellini said:
I work for Iwaki America, which manufacture mag drive pumps. (I have nothing to do with sales....just run the IT department.) These are high-end pumps that are used for various applications like fuel-cell cooling, chemical pumping, waste water, and aquariums. (I believe most of the pumps used in the fish departments at Walmart are made by us.)

I've used a few "demo" units for some of my projects and are happy with them. They're quiet and efficient. However they aren't cheap! We also don't sell direct so they have to purchase them through a distributor. I know they're very popular with some of the aquarium folks because they are so quiet and never die. The are all external pumps, no submersibles.

With that said, I don't use them in my setup. I buy the cheap submersibles from Harbor Freight. ;-)

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