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I live in the south. Lettuce does well during the cool months and tastes good. butt he problem is that it bolts quickly and turns bitter when it gets warm.

My question is this- does growing lettuce in a water-based system like AP keep the plant cool enough to prevent or retard bolting and the bitterness?

I figured the water temp would be lower than air temp but did not know how this would translate to the plant.

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Unfortunately cool weather crops like cool weather and I don't think that AP grown cool weather crops will be different. However, there are some varieties that do better in the heat. For lettuce I have found that "black seeded Simpson", and "slobolt" lettuces do better in the heat. Also try "america" spinach. Another tip is to give them some shade in the heat, if you shade them from the midday sun, say with some other heat loving plants, they tend to be less bitter, and slower to bolt. On the bright side you could grow heat loving plants like eggplant and peppers very well. Also most herbs, basil, oregano and mint tend to do better in the heat than other "greens"

Oak Leaf lettuces do well in warmer weather. Also, harvesting sooner than it says on the package is a good idea for all lettuces in warm weather. The leaves are a bit smaller, but better tasting.

That's what I needed to know. I grow the  plants you guys suggested. (in the dirt garden).

I was just hoping I could keep the cool weather crops and have something others did not have at the local farmer's market this next season. I've only produced stuff for my own family in the past but was thinking about ramping up production if I could make some cash.

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