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I want to get rid of green and black algae.  what's the best way.  Should I us algaecides?


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the most important factor is that the small tilapia just disappeared .  Also since We have cleared the water somewhat we have noticed that we have one fairly large tilapia which seems to be doing quite well.  Is it possible that this fairly large fish ate the other 40 ?
Chip Pilkington said:

What kind of swings have you measured during a bloom?

Tilapia are pH tolerant as well...mine get some abrupt swings this time of year with our monsoon rains, as the rain water knocks downThe m my normally high pH (7.8-8.0) to around 7, just in one quick storm due to super heavy rain. During a big squall, the temps drop quickly as well from the cool rain adding to the issue. I have yet to lose a fish - Tilapia can really tolerate a lot.

I'm still thinking it wasn't the bloom that killed those fish. That said, we really don't have enough information at this point to do more than speculate.

6-10 daily, but that's in a pond system that is heavily fed.

The bloom itself does not kill the fish, and with proper degassing/aeration/buffering pea soup green water is okay.  In fact it will cause you fish to grow really well if they are the type that can take advantage of that feed source(ie tilapia, carp, koi, etc).

Small dead fish will be eaten and possible chopped up by the pump.  I have had goldfish go through a mag drive only to find an eyeball and fin bits.

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