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Kijiji grows (kee-gee-gee) is a collaboration of farmers, artists, engineers, builders and educators who advocate for aquaponic gardening. Our mission is to bring aquaponics to the San Francisco Bay Area and change lives through urban sustainable growing systems in schools, homes and businesses.

Aquaponics is a revolutionary agricultural concept and a remarkable hands–on teaching and learning opportunity.

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Thank you for sharing :-)
I like this approach. It fits well with transitional communities (focused on evolving past the fossil fuel economies) and sustainable living, as well as with changing the eating habits and meeting the nutritional needs of children.

One problem is with marketing the idea. Do you have a practical guide/plan/system that a school lunch program could use to size a system to their student count by types of food, or by menu plan? The closer aquaponics matches existing requirements and guidelines, the easier it is for decision makers to select it without necessarily accepting the vision. The end result is the same - changing lives through sustainable growing systems.

Likewise, a developed hands-on teaching and learning program that is linked to existing curriculum makes it an easier choice for educators to support or even request.

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