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I would like to use Maxicrop in my system, but it is not available in my area. I picked up some kelp meal though and am wondering if anyone has used this, and how it is applied. My thoughts are a cheese cloth bag and setting under the water outlet in my GB. Any ideas, comments?

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Randall, none of the above is available. Lowes does not exist in Canada. That's why I went to kelp meal. Its produced in my Province and is completely organic, just kelp. I have no desire to upset my system, so will take it very easy.

Thanks Randall, was thinking of that today at work.

Kelpak (a S. African product) is very similar to MaxiCrop, in that they both use a cold cell burst process to extract plant hormones from some of the fastest growing plants on the planet. The mineral content is very, very, similar except that Kelpak list (toxic) heavy metals, like Nickel, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic much lower levels than MaxiCrop (probably because their kelp is not harvested off of the Jersey shore).

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