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I grew up poor, dirt poor and quickly learned about dumpster diving.. Sure, my peers called me crazy but it was a fun sport learning to scavenge around for stuff... Anyhow, i am starting this Discussion and perhaps even a Blog titled "JUNK TREASURE" and the intent is to share my FREE gear with this community and all who endeavor to build their system. (Yes, I am aware that we have a Buy/Sell section, but I want others to know that you can do this on the Cheap budget like me!!)

So, if I am violating any sales schemes than please sue me and or boot me from this community (err, moderators?)

  1. Used gutters make wonderful grow troughs
  2. old windows can be used to build greenhouse
  3. Soda pop bottles, save them!
  4. Scrounge, Scavenge and Search--you will find
  5. Old garden hoses are still good
  6. Pallets are Precious (Wood last for a long time)
  7. Hot water heater, use a hand-me-down one to make a pre-heater tank (set it next to good tank and connect tubes but don't plug it in or attach gas line) The house temp will warm it for you.
  8. Solar, Wind, Gravity USE nature to your advantage
  9. Old bicycles can be converted to make-shift pump system
  10. Cordless Drills? Disassemble and use the guts for gears
  11. Open your Mind and the rest will follow
More to come! ADD YOUR IDEAS AND FINDINGS PLEASE, we can all benefit

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I found a great bed frame on the side of the road which I'm going to use to make a vertical wall.  Also, damaged cinder blocks are great for frames, but I use them in conjunction with pallets.  The underside of pallets (where the tines go) has the perfect shape to cradle my barrels.

I am with you brother!! Reduce, re-use and repurpose I say!!!  100 gallon acrylic tank for $50, I do not mind scratches, 150 gallon rubbermaid stock tank free, just get it out of the guys garage. 55 gallon plastic food grade drums cut vertically for grow beds, free. 1/2 kilowatt of solar panels for under $300. can't be beat!!  Sure they are old and there are 7 of them but hey? The only new product I have purchased for my systems are the 3- 250gph pumps, because ya cant scrimp on moving water.

Cheers to you buddy.

oh wow, keep them thoughts coming!! I know many who might come to this forum will see and learn from your experiments, ideas and systems... I find myself eyeballing demolish sites more and more, I cannot believe the enormous waste we Americans produce! WTH?? LOL... Anyhow thank you both so very much for commenting here and making us feel connected to this AP community... aloha and Cheers 

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