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I'm starting to design my system and I am a bit undecided about which option to pick from. Can someone please throw out some opinions?  I want to get tilapia going in there:

IBC Tote $138

1100 Liters

Needs lid opening work

White attracts algae

Square shape doesn't oxigenate so well


Livestock sprue


1.56m x 50cm

Wider than other 2 options and circular shape

885 Liters

Needs some sort of lid to avoid cats go fishing into my backyard

Blue color probably won't have much algae problems



1100 Liters

1.20m x 1.35m

Blue or Black. If black, may get water to warm up, not sure how much, I live in a mostly cloudy tropical zone, between 15 and 25 C depending on time of year)

Needs a hole cut out, will probably loose some capacity

Narrower but circular shape

I rather go cheap, but knowing these 3 options all work to some degree, would like your input for a better decision.


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IBC is kind of a standard with aquaponics hobbyists. Lots of good info out there on them. The white color isn't a problem. Just paint it. The lid is already there. Just cut out 3 sides of the top and let it self hinge. The steel frame is also a plus.

Fish Tank Lid Design at Zero Cost This is from Jim Fisk page. Check him out. Lots of great info.

I'd go for the livestock sprue. It has a nice height/width ratio and the circular shape with smooth bottom means you can deal with solids via a center drain or SLO. 

just dont use the IBC and you will be fine... I Like option 2

Thank you all for your input. Isn't 50cm too low? maybe fish jumping out? What cons would you detect on the EcoTank?

@Rob: awesome GBs! What material is used to cover the inside? Pond liner?

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