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Its a HDPE 2 Tote said to be used for pharmaceutical grade fertilizer, but it had a thin sticky residue and some silicon like chunks. I had already pressure washed it and then noticed it after the tote was dry. I dabbed alittle paint thinner on a rag to test it, it worked so well I wiped the whole interior of the container.


So now I have paint thinner to worry about. I've read cat litter, soap, etc... Does anybody know if it is a losed cause?

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No you are ok if you clean it with ammonia. Mix a gallon into 20 gal of water and wash the inside and rinse. Then fill with hot water and mild soap solution and wash again. Then fill with water and let sit in sun until algae grows. Once it grows you are safe to use. Drain and put in your system. Switch the hot soapy water and do that first then do the ammonia sorry.
Thanks David. Im gonna get right on it.

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