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The only trouble we had with one of our systems using Hydroton beads was growing 4 tomatoe plants in one bed and 5 tomatoe plants in the other bed to one tank system.  We lost almost all of our hybrid fish in this tank.  Everything with the water was fine, no problems, we continuely checked the PH, Nitrate, Nitrite, amnonia, etc.  Abundant air.... clean water from filtration.  We still are a a lost on why we lost our fish in this one system.   None of the other 5....2 bed systems had a problem.  We had noticed that you can no longer get the German hydroton beads.  Just the American made???comments anyone  Mary

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Ah, yes, Vlad. I believe I had a unit on Ocean Acidification in the bio/chem class. Sometimes I forget things.

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