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These dang things don't come with any instructions! I am trying to hook a hose up to the front/output of my Topfin Powerhead 50 submersible pump, but unlike more simple pumps I have used in the past, the intake seems to shut off? How do I get it to pump water up into my tubing?


And secondly!.. What is the clear tubing with the pincher valvy looking thing on the top for?




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Depends on how you are planning to use to powerhead.
Did you have a purpose when you bought it?
They have several different applications.
Under gravel filter...the clear pipe that comes up, the end of the power head goes in that tube. It will pull water through the gravel and up and out to filter and circulate.
The airline tubing can go in the little hole to provide air, millions of tiny air bubbles will flow through your tank (I like them, lol, others don't) If you don't want the air bubbles, leave it off.
Just circulation...Stick it to the side of the tank and aim it where you want the water circulated to.
I use one for a filter. It pushes water through a 3/4 inch clear tube into my 'bucket filter' , a filter I made from a bucket, cut a hole in it, made a plexiglas spout to return the water to the tank, and filled it with 3 grades of filter media and lava rocks on top, in a bag, for bio media.
Works great and keeps my 75 gallon salt water tanks cleanand clear... I also have a small canister filter on it.
You can also use them to help you to empty your tank when its time for a water change. Go to the Lowes nearest you (I took my powerhead) and find clear tubing to fit. I would want 20 feet to go out my door and into the yard, I don't know about your house :)... but you can also go out a window.
Hook it up, plug it in, and watch your days of carrying water (away from the tank) just float away.
Hope this helps a bit!! Robin found this on the net. Hope it helps.


Thanks David,

I read these directions as well when I was trying to figure it out, but it didn't answer my question, as I guess I'm trying to do something unorthodox with it, which is use it as a pump to pump water to the top of my system.  When I fit the tubing over the front of the out spout, the pump seems to stop working-


That's probably because the powerhead isn't really a pump.  It is used primarily to move water within the tank, not move water OUT of the tank.  I don't imagine that it is able to generate enough "head" (pressure) to move the water to the height you're attempting.

hmm thanks David,

Looks like i'll be returning another thing to petco!


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