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I have some broccoli that's been growing for a while with some huge leaves, but it's not sending up the flowering stalk. Anyone have some suggestions on how to get it going?

I tend to run my nitrates high (80+ ppm). I suspect if I drop the nitrates with some water changes, it will help.  What are others doing in this situation?



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When you say it's been growing "for a while"...what does that mean? Because I can hold my breath 'for a while' :)

Broccoli can take a looong time (3-4 months) to send up a flowering stalk sometimes...

:) Good point.  Planted February 13 from seed.  I guess I should just have patience.  The temperature is warming up, maybe that will help too.

Broccoli is long in N. Fl - usually works well in fall.  No idea how that translates to indoor gardening.  With warming and lengthening days they usually go straight to flowering.

Broccoli is long gone in N. Fl. is what I meant to write.

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