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Hi all,

To fill a Grow Bed of the size say 2 x  1  x  1 ( 2 Cu. Ft) , how much (Kgs) Clay Ball I may require?


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I've always seen it sold by weight. I buy 40 liter bags. Just figure out how many gallons or liters your box holds. 4 liters=1 gallon (approximately)

The weight of hydroton brand horticultural clay pebbles also known as "Leca", Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate weighs 23.67 pounds per cubic foot.  47.34 Pounds = 21.4731 Kgs. This should be roughly half the weight of typical round rock gravel of similar size.

If there's a landscape supply near you, you could ask them if they have rock bark (or another lightweight large-size gravel).  It's like 10% of the cost of clay balls.

Not that you need very much :)

go to google and type "liters in 2 cubic feet" The answer is 56 liters. I usually buy 50 liter bags, so 1 bag would do it.

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