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Using the 4" net pots and a 1:1 gallon ratio,  we are getting 750+ plants needed to balance out.  That seems awfully high for about 25 fish.  Any guidelines available?

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The 1:1 ratio is referring to media beds and does not apply to NFT. If you are doing NFT you will need some sort of filtration before the NFT which takes much of the fish solids out so you do not get a build up in your NFT. If you are just starting with AP NFT is probably the most difficult way to grow because there are more things that can go wrong.

Thanks for the response.

nutrient film technique (growing in PVC pipes).  I'm new too, so glad to help.

Pamela Sterling said:

Being so very new to this community and the acronyms within, would someone please enlighten me as to what NFT stands for?  Also AP...Sorry, I'm learning (Don't judge me?)

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